Tractor Ride 2008

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Feburary 5, 2008 - Tuesday -I signed up for  a Tractor Ride this afternoon.  I didn't have too many expectations about this activity, however it turned out to be very enjoyable. The owners of La Ensenada are Italians, and their son Giancarlo guided the hour and a half Tractor Ride all over the property. We saw quite a bit of wildlife, thanks to the amazing spotting skills of the Tico tractor driver.  We stop to see how the salt ponds are used to make salt from seawater.  We learned that the salt is used to raise domestic animals.  Near the end of the ride, we wound up a narrow and steep road to the top of a hill overlooking the farm property and the Gulf of Nicoya. Giancarlo's Mama serves us some superb homemade antipasto and beer and soft drinks while we take in the view. What a nice touch! By the way, we are being pulled by an Italian Landini tractor!

La Salinas - salt ponds Salinas - Salt flats, salt ponds, bagged salt Salt crystals Salinas - Salt flats
Tractor and wagon Going back down the Lookout hill Mama serving her antipasta, beer and soft drinks to the group atop the lookout


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