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Map of Fiji IslandsThe geography of Fiji is divided into four parts: Viti Levu (the largest island in the group, and the most populated), Vanua Levu (the second-largest island), the Yasawa Group (located a short distance northwest of Viti Levu), and the Lau Group (a large group of small, disperse islands to the east of the big islands).  In all, there are over 800 islands in Fiji, although only about 110 are inhabited. Viti Levu has the largest population of any of the islands, and is where is the capital of Suva (the seat of power for the government) is located.

Here are some interesting facts and figures about Fiji from Microsoft's Virtual Globe 1998 Edition.  I couldn't have written better background material myself.


Land & Climate - Location, topography, climate, environmental issues.


Fijian Society - including facts about the people, customs and infrastructure of the country.

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Fiji has gone through two coup d'etats, with the latest one occurring May 19, 2000. Both coups were caused by racial tension between the native Fijians and the East Indians.  Both racial groups each represent about half the population, but the Fijians have title to about 80% of the land.  Since the latest coup, they also have absolute political right to a majority in the government.  There continues to be significant friction between these two racial groups, and tourists may not be immune to the problems this causes in Fiji.  If you are planning a trip to Fiji, it would be prudent to check with your foreign affairs department beforehand.

The Commonwealth countries expelled Fiji from the Commonwealth, due to the first coup in 1987. Military coup leader Major General Sitiveni Rabuka formally declared Fiji a republic on October 6, 1987. 



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