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830310.jpg (33634 bytes)Hawaii is perhaps the most popular getaway destination for Western Canadians. I have traveled to Hawaii many times.  This travelogue has a mix of pictures from all trips. In 1983 we went to Oahu and Maui. In 1995 we went to Maui, Kaua'i, and the Big Island of Hawaii, in 2001 I went to Kaua'i and the Big Island of Hawaii, and in 2009 I went to the Big Island of Hawaii.

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Map of the Hawaiian Islands

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bulletOahu - Waikiki, Honolulu, and the Polynesian Cultural Center
bulletMaui - Kahalui, Kihei, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Haleakala volcano, and the infamous Road to Hana
bulletKaua'i - Lihu'i, East Coast, North Coast, South Coast, Waimea Canyon, Helicopter Tour, Na Pali Cruise, Limahuli Gardens - old Hawaii, the Garden Isle
bulletThe Big IslandKona Coast, North Coast, Kilauea volcano and Puuhonua o Honaunau, Hilo

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The Hawaiian greeting Aloha means both hello and goodbye.
(Photo shows the Kodak Hula Show.)

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There is a good choice of connections to Hawaii from Canada's west coast. Air Canada, Northwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, among others all offer flights from Vancouver to Honolulu. Many airlines also offer direct flights from Canadian cities other than Vancouver, and some offer direct flights to Hawaiian destinations other than Honolulu. This can save you money, since inter-island flights will cost you extra per flight.  Hawaiian Airlines is the main Hawaii-based carrier, and operates out of Seattle, as well as many other west coast departure points.  Hawaiian offers the best choice of flight times between the mainland and the islands.  Don't forget to investigate charter airlines, since they can often offer best value as compared with the regular carriers.

Hawaiian Airlines is the main carrier offering inter-island flights. They give excellent service, with frequent flights between all the major islands. You can book connecting flights between Honolulu and the other islands when you book your mainland flight, or simply show up at the counter and purchase your ticket. Sometimes, purchasing tickets ahead of time costs more than the last minute ones. However, if you must make an outbound connection, you should book ahead, since flying standby may mean you miss a flight, especially at busy times (early morning and late afternoon flights).

When you arrive in Honolulu Airport, please note that the Wiki wiki bus system is being replaced with new air-conditioned walkways equipped with three people movers.  It is otherwise a very long walk between international and local gates. Both the Wiki wiki buses and the new walkway are free services.




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