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Kilauea Lighthouse (47745 bytes)Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, is north of Kapa'a on the Kuhio Highway.  Watch for the signs and turn right to get to Kilauea Point and the little community. There is no entrance fee, but please drop a donation in the boxes provided.  The Albatross on a nest (56837 bytes) lighthouse grounds can be home to wildlife.  We found an Albatross on a nest, and the nearby cliffs are covered with nesting shearwaters, Red Boobys, and Laysan Albatrosses.Nesting birds near Kilauea Point (49908 bytes) If you look closely at the cliffs, you will see all the white spots, which are the nesting birds. Kilauea Point is the most northerly point on Kaua'i, and Kaua'i is the most Nene Goose (141063 bytes) northerly of the Hawaiian Islands. Is this why the birds find this a good location for nesting?  I also spotted a flock of about 6 Nene Geese (native Hawaiian goose). 

On my second trip to Kaua'i, the Trade Winds were high, causing huge surf on the north and east shores.  This caused some spectacular wave action around Kilauea Point:

Moku 'Ae'ae Islet and blowhole off Kilauea Point (84638 bytes) Heavy wave action, cliffs at Kilauea Point (70371 bytes) Kilauea Point and Lighthouse (76003 bytes)

There is a small community at the turnoff to Kilauea Point, and I would recommend Kong Lung - a funky store filled with unusual gifts tourists would be interested in.  I would also recommend the Lighthouse Bistro for lunch or dinner  (located beside Kong Lung). You can't go wrong ordering their fresh fish of the day. Very good food - highly recommended.

Kilauea Point and high waves a seen from Kalihiwi Bay (48287 bytes)Just past Kilauea Point is Anini Beach County Park.  This is a good spot for a picnic lunch, and the fantastic white sand beach is rarely crowded. Anini Beach would make an ideal destination for a whole day's outing, since it one of the safest for swimming (not too common on Kaua'i) due to the offshore reef, and it has good picnic facilities.  Another good beach just past Kikauea Point is Surfers wating for waves at Kalihiwi Bay (53411 bytes)Kalihiwi Bay.  As you can see by the photos, the surf was up while I was visiting in January 2001, so no swimming was possible.  The surfers were certainly out there riding the waves, although the emergency rescue was called while I was there, so it was even a bit too rough for some of the surfers!

After Anini Beach, Princeville is the next community.  It is one of those planned communities, which are so common in Hawaii. Everything revolves around the superb golf courses, and yet I find all of them so sterile and cold. No doubt the exclusive properties are very expensive to purchase, and yet they hold no appeal to me whatsoever.

Past Princeville is the Hanalei Valley, which is very picturesque. Hanalei is a small community located on a superb little bay with  the same name. The valley is rich and fertile, and many crops are grown here. Needless to say, there is a great deal of rainfall in this area.

Hanalei Valley (41259 bytes) Taro fields, Hanalei Valley (96408 bytes) Taro fields, Hanalei Valley from the Lookout (74350 bytes) Princeville, Hanalei Bay, big surf (107735 bytes)

As can be seen by the photos of Hanalei Bay above and below, the surf was quite spectacular.

Surf at Makahoa Point (103743 bytes) Makahoa Point, Hanalei Bay, Princeville in the distance (71718 bytes) Tunnels Beach campgrounds and dry cave (83311 bytes) Surf pounding Tunnels Beach (40472 bytes)

Tunnel Beach is normally calm and is a good beach for swimming and snorkling, but as you can see by the photos above, the day I visited the surf was high.  Ke'e Beach is much smaller than Tunnel Beach, but it is the end of the north shore road.  While you are there, have a look at the Waikanaloa Wet Cave.

Ke'e Beach (64013 bytes) Waikanaloa Wet Cave (73483 bytes)



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