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It is a short drive from Lihu'e or Kapa'a to the Po'ipu Beach area, which is on the south shore of Kaua'i. Along the way, drive down the20010302a.jpg (170589 bytes) mile of Eucalyptus trees, growing tunnel-like on both sides of the road. Old Koloa town makes for an interesting stop, with lots of shops to browse through. It's just like stepping back 50 years in time to an old sugar mill town. I bought some Kaua'i coffee here. Coffee growing on Kaua'i is a relatively new venture, however the quality is starting to rival the more well-known Kona coffee, grown on the Big Island. On to Po'ipu Beach, where there are many condos and luxury resorts with spectacular ocean views and golf courses, and then on to the blowhole at Spouting Horn Park.

20010303a.jpg (88159 bytes) Looking toward Poipu Beach from the blowhole (68937 bytes) Lava rock coastline looking north from the blowhole (73620 bytes)

20010311a.jpg (54301 bytes)The return trip took us past an abandoned sugar mill, near Koloa.  Notice the famous red dirt, which is so fertile for growing sugar cane.  The main sugar mill in Lihu'e was closed in 2000, leaving only one sugar mill running on Kaua'i near Port Allen.  The sugar industry on Hawai'i is slowly being put out of business.  They will have to find another agricultural crop to grow, or find some other use for this very fertile land.

One restaurant on Kaua'i I simply must mention is Gaylord's Restaurant, located in the main building of Kilohana Plantation Estates (an old sugar plantation). There are some very nice shops in this same building, and they offer some quality merchandise, should you be so inclined. The restaurant service is impeccable, and the food is superb. Reservations accepted. Highly recommended!

Hibiscus at Kilohana (64587 bytes) Kilohana Plantation Estates (74966 bytes) Gaylord's at Kilohana - interior (69988 bytes) Hibiscus at Kilohana (68918 bytes)




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