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Ensure you have complete travel insurance before leaving - trip interruption insurance, trip cancellation insurance, travel accident insurance, delayed or lost luggage insurance are all possibilities.


Out-of-country emergency medical insurance is essential. Your normal medical insurance carrier may not cover you in foreign countries, or may only cover you for the costs that you would normally incur in your home country. Sometimes, your normal medical insurance carrier will offer you a better deal for out-of-country coverage than another carrier might (such as those offered by your travel agent). Shop around for the best coverage, but don't leave home without it!


If you plan to rent a car while in a foreign country, be aware than purchasing rental car collision/loss damage insurance from car rental companies is costly. Some auto insurance carriers at home will extend their coverage to fully cover you while you travel. Otherwise, blanket coverage offered by some premium credit card companies may make sense. The per day insurance charges you might otherwise pay to a car rental company may pay many times over for any annual fee for a premium credit card, assuming you travel on a regular basis.




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