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For such a small country, Belize has an amazing number of helpful websites describing the country:

bulletBelize Guide - a comprehensive Belize travel guide with organized, detailed information to help travelers plan a vacation. It covers everything there is to know about Belize including its history, culture, climate and economy. It also provides numerous travel tips, including advice on when to go, what to do, where to stay, what to wear and how to get around.
bulletBelize Online Tourism and Investment Guide - a good point to start from if you are planning a trip to Belize. Maps, tours, hotels, car rentals, facts and figures galore. Belize Online's links to other Belize web sites gives you even more online resources!
bulletGreen Parrot Beach Houses & Restaurant - a nice resort in Placencia offering thatched roof cabanas (smaller) and beach houses (larger) located right on the beach
bulletBelize by Naturalight - travel info and great pictures.  Lots of info here.  Check out their gallery of website clients - another interesting collection of Belize links.
bullet - An excellent search engine and subject-based index for all web sites about Belize
bulletBelize Tourist Board - lots of info.
bulletVirtual Tourist - Belize - a good starting off point for searching for travel information for any destination - Belize in this case.
bulletHotels and Travel in Belize - well-organized hotel  and general info.
bulletYou Better Belize It! - lots of info.
bulletTravel Document Systems - Belize - good info
bulletCyberwonders Belize - some info.
bulletBelize Explorer - info about the Cayo District
bulletBelize Audubon Society - good info about Belize's national parks
bulletBelize Zoo - click on "The Zoo" for cool pictures of the animals
bulletBelize fact sheet - U.S State Dept.
bulletMystery of the Maya - Canadian and Mexican governments sponsor this excellent site.
bulletBooks-Afield: Belize travel guides
bulletUSA Today - 5 day weather forecast for Belize
bulletEzra's Belize - mostly diving pictures, travelogue-style narrative




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