My Itinerary in Botswana while on safari in 2008

Zambia & Botswana safari camps

Zambia & Botswana safari camps

The Republic of Botswana made a strategic decision a decade or two ago to get into the eco-tourism business, however they only accept tourism on their own terms. They recognized that their ecology could only support a limited number of travel operations without sustaining damage, so they decided to go for the “high end” safari market.

I applaud them on this decision. Their continuing efforts to keep control of tourism and promote responsible tour operators appears to ensure eco-tourism is a significant component of any development plan proposed for a particular area by a tour operator. I find it reassuring that even the camp staff who I had contact with all understood the connection between low impact operations and a continuing healthy tourism industry.

Travellers to southern Africa have two choices for travel timing:

  • Dry season: lower water levels mean a less spectacular Victoria Falls, however the game animals are much easier to find since they need what water is left, and the flies and mosquitoes are virtually nowhere to be found. Vegetation will be dry and colourless.
  • Wet season: higher water levels mean you will see Victoria Falls at its best and get wet in the process. Game animals will be harder to find and flies and mosquitoes will seek you out (with or without bug spray and mosquito nets). Vegetation will be a lush green, and the possibility of spontaneous wildflower blooms exists.