Obviously you need to make arrangements for transportation when you travel, but you need to consider these points before you finalize things. Making travel arrangements that work for you is essential to enjoying your trip.

  • Try to use locally operated transportation and tour operators, where practical. You don’t have to compromise on quality. Ask the taxi driver parked outside your hotel how much he would charge for a half day local tour. Often, this personalized approach will be much more enjoyable and productive, and you will avoid the crowded bus used for the pre-packaged tours purchased from your travel agent or cruise ship or promoted by a concierge.
  • If it looks like the travel involved to get to your next destination will be an all day marathon, ask about alternatives. Often, small commuter flights are available to the same destination, cutting hours off the trip. If you want to see the scenery between two destinations, fine – just don’t get trapped in marathon travel sessions when you don’t have to. Fly one way and drive back. Or use train or boat travel, where available, and if you have the extra time.
  • Enquire if the resort or hotel you are booked into provides free transportation to/from the airport or ship’s terminal, or will take you to town and pick you up later.
  • If there are two or more of you traveling together, renting a car often makes sense. Even if it is only for a few days out of the trip, a car rental can free you to see sights you might otherwise miss. However, if you are a nervous driver, or are unsure about car rentals or reading maps, avoid the stress!
  • Slow Travel – Consider taking a train instead of an airline flight if you have the time and this alternative fits your travel budget. This option should always be considered when you are travelling between major cities which have connecting rail service. Europe, Asia, and even some areas of North America have excellent and sometimes low-cost rail options….and the railway isn’t always “slow”!
  • Health checks – Rules surrounding vaccination and testing for communicable diseases are often different between air, rail and ship travel, so do your research to see if you can avoid some stress and risk of your travel being interrupted by choosing a different mode of travel.

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