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It never ceases to amaze me that more travellers don’t get themselves into trouble while traveling. For some reason, common sense seems to fly out the window when people are on vacation.

Keep in mind, you don’t really need any of the stuff listed on the Packing tips page except for:

  • your passport
  • US$ cash
  • major credit card (VISA and/or MasterCard)
  • paper tickets or a printout of e-tickets (airline, cruise line, train, tour coupons, boarding passes, etc.) – not essential, but it sure makes life easier!

You can survive any trip, providing you have the above items – and a cool head!

Don’t panic if disaster strikes while you are away from home – help is available in every country. If you have access to sufficient funds, you can always buy new clothes and supplies, and a ticket home.

I hope you find these travel tips of value. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I always appreciate feedback…leave a comment below, if you prefer.

I would never presume to offer advice on travel costs, especially if long stays are being contemplated. My JoeTourist travelogue quotes prices often, but they are the costs I paid to fulfill my expectations on a given date. Travel costs change – often unpredictably! If you are interested in comparisons of places in the world that cost less (or more), I strongly suggest you do your research on the Numbeo Cost of Living (abroad). This service is fed information from travellers and residents of popular destination all over the world, so it current and fairly reliable for travel planning purposes.

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