Make your house look lived-in

How to make your house look lived-in while you are away:

  • If you can afford it, hire a house sitter to live in your house while you are away. As an alternative, ask a relative or friend to live in your house, even if it is just for a few days, or a couple of overnight stays.
  • If you can’t arrange to have someone live in your house, arrange for someone to check on your house at least every second day. They should take in ad mail and postal mail, pick up any litter in the yard, and put out some garbage and/or recycling bins, even if they have to bring some of their garbage over to your place to put in the bins!
  • Install timers for house lights. Setup to mimic normal living patterns.
  • Close blinds/drapes before leaving. Ask whomever is checking your house to change the blinds’ positions every few days.
  • Turn on your telephone answering machine or enable your voicemail. Ask callers to leave a message, but do not indicate that you are away on vacation.
  • If your car is visible from the street, arrange to have it moved and/or driven every few days.
  • Install motion-sensitive lights outside.
  • If someone is taking care of your house, have them work out in the yard, where they are visible from the street. It doesn’t have to be hard work, as long as they are visible.
  • Arrange to have your lawn cut (if in season), and some gardening to be done.
  • Stop delivery of any newspapers.

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