Personal Security

  • Don’t wear expensive or flashy jewellery – leave it at home. Take the Timex, not the Rolex.
  • Don’t flash lots of money in public. Keep in mind, if you hail from the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan, you earn in one day what others will work all month (or in some cases, all year) to earn. Not only is it rude to flaunt your (relative) wealth in poorer people’s faces, it can be downright dangerous!
  • Take advantage of safe keeping facilities offered by your hotel or cruise ship. If you have an in-room safe, use it…but check to make sure it is securely fastened!
  • Do not take any unnecessary money with you when you are sightseeing.
  • Always leave your passport in safe keeping at the hotel, and take a photocopy with you for identification purposes.
  • Use a money belt, or wear a security pouch that tucks inside your clothes, out of sight.
  • Do not keep all your funds in one spot. Keep some in your wallet, some in your money belt or security pouch, and some in the safe back at the hotel.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation – move away from the problem area as quickly as possible without attracting attention to yourself. If you’re in a taxi, look ahead down the road for a landmark and tell the driver you have changed your mind, and you want to get out there. If you’re walking down a street and feel uncomfortable, walk into the nearest hotel lobby or tourist shop.
  • Consider taking a cell phone with you, to provide you with that extra level of convenience and security. Call home on a regular basis – just a quick one minute call on a regular schedule is all that’s needed.

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