Pima Air & Space Museum

February 22, 2018 Thursday – Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson

2018 Southern Arizona and Astronomy

I drive over to the Pima Air & Space Museum and spend several hours there on my last day in Tucson before I return home tomorrow. I took the tram tour last year when I visited Pima, and I take it again, since it is the most efficient way to see the huge number of aircraft on display outside. I check out Hanger 5, which is new from my previous visit. The new aircraft displayed in this hanger: a Spitfire, a PBY/Canso amphibian and a Mitchell bomber. The other hangers have much the same displays, but I experience them again in a new way, since I take far fewer photos than I did last year. There is lots of time to delve a bit deeper into the aircraft that interest me, and skip others without feeling I’m missing something. I have a nice lunch in the cafeteria before driving back to the hotel in the afternoon.

The last 13 photos in my online gallery were taken this year. The majority of the photos were taken last year.

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