Rue Cler neighborhood in Paris

September 21, 2014 – Sunday – Paris, France

On my own after the Rick Steves Best of Europe in 21 Days tour

It is raining quite hard this morning as I have breakfast in the hotel atrium. I try to check my flights online, but neither the Air France nor the Delta websites work for me, so I will just show up at the airport tomorrow morning and check in at the self-serve kiosks or counter.

Some of my group are still staying in the hotel, and they have plans to see various sights. However since it is raining today, I plan to stay in the hotel until it clears, and have my meals in nearby restaurants. It is almost noon before the Sun appears, so I grab my camera and walk over to the nearby Rue Cler area. Locals are out shopping this Sunday morning, having brunch in the restaurants, and simply enjoying themselves.

People scramble to get out of the rain - Rue Cler neighborhood, Paris
People scramble to get out of the rain – Rue Cler neighborhood, Paris

I have lunch at a creperie, but have moussaka and a Retsina wine since Greeks run the place. As I sit there sipping a cappuccino after lunch, it starts pouring rain again. I don’t have anything planned for the afternoon, so I just stay there and enjoy watching people dash between the canopies. Most of the shops close at 1:30PM, but some restaurants and gift shops remain open. I walk back to the hotel in the sunshine after the clouds break, and have an afternoon nap in my room.

When I go down to the lobby with my notebook to work on my travel blog this afternoon, several of the group are around. We decide to walk to Rue Cler later and have a nice dinner in a local restaurant. The waiter speaks English and they even have English menus! The waiter splits the bill for us, which rarely happens in Europe. Several of the group want crepes for dessert, so I say my goodbyes and walk back to the hotel and pack my bags for the last time. I’m glad to be going home, and anxious to see my family.

Paris is such a livable city. When traveling, I always ask myself the question “Could I live here?” I really surprised myself by answering an enthusiastic “Yes” to the question. Paris offers its citizens so much of the good life, and yet is a very big city. It would be fun to rent a furnished apartment for a month, to stay and experience the city as a local.

2 thoughts on “Rue Cler neighborhood in Paris

  1. Ok I wasn’t hungry but after looking at these photos I definitely am. You always amaze me with your creativity. I can’t wait to go there and try all of your tips 🙂
    In your last photo, Is that a kebab restaurant ?

    • The restaurant in the last photo offers a mixed menu, and is run by Greeks. They offer some Mediterranean choices of cuisine, but I’m not sure if kebabs are on the menu.

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