Tombstone and other adventures

Feb 19, 2017 Sunday – Tombstone, Arizona

2017 Southern Arizona & Astronomy

I am up about 7AM and walk across the yard to the main house where some of my friends are staying. I make myself some coffee and soon others wander in. After having some breakfast, we drive over to the other place to meet the rest of the RASC Victoria group, who arrived very late after flying from Victoria to Kelowna and to Phoenix last night. They drove down to Tucson and to the ranch to complete our little group of amateur astronomers.

This morning, we drive to Tombstone in two cars to see this historic town which highlights life in the old wild west. We have some lunch, see a shotgun wedding skit staged on the main street, and just walk the streets in the old part of town. Our final stop is the Tombstone Courthouse, which is now a museum, and includes gallows in the back.

We stop at the Safeway store in Benson on the way back to do some grocery shopping, since this is a self-catered affair. After returning back home, I make a roasted chicken dinner for the group. The meal is a hit, and since the weather is overcast, we spend the evening drinking wine and beer and telling stories around the table before retiring for the evening.